Put ‘Em to Work

Here between the yards, cats just can’t sit around all day and do nothing…they have work to do.  Here Julius uses his ‘gravitic action’ to flatten a bunch of folded laundry.

I’m not sure what extra effect the paw sticking out the side has, but he’s proud of it anyway.

All three of the cats chip in.  They are acting in the spirit of Cassie, the cat who paid for her own and my other cat’s vet bills for a few years all by herself.

Calla is waiting for her shift to begin.  Sometimes they work around the clock on this job.

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7 Responses to Put ‘Em to Work

  1. The paw through the hole is for leverage so he can get maximum pressing factor into his job. He’s very dedicated to put in that much effort!
    Calla , by use of extra floofy goodness, can press a larger area by spreading out her furs!
    Now, you KNOW you’re going to have to tell the story of Cassie and her paying vet bills!


  2. “Gravitic Action”! LOL. Now I know what it’s called.


  3. Dianda says:

    That first picture is adorable!


  4. Andrea Kelly says:

    Oh Julie! So handsome! That first picture is fantastic. He is King of the Basket.


  5. why without their hard work on your stuff in that basket, it might come out all flat, and unwrinkled and without furrs…that would be terrible! Thank Cod they slave away taking shifts to make it nice and wrinkled and furry for you!


  6. jamjet73 says:

    That’s funny….the cat in your laundry basket. I have one like it and my cat sleeps in it at times.
    She also likes to knock it over and scatter the dirty laundry around, but the funniest thing is
    this. The clothes are pulled out a little through each hole. Looks so funny . 🙂 🙂


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