Sinister Visitor

So I was bugging Calla again for the day’s picture budget with the feather tail toy and getting some good pictures when…

Uh oh…Something sinister is coming!

It’s GUS!

…he actually spent most of the evening under the table/desk on the back side of the room. I don’t think anyone chased him there, and it isn’t one of his usual spots.  It sure took me a while when I was counting the cats prior to closing the door for the night to find him.

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12 Responses to Sinister Visitor

  1. At night when I close up, I always battle to find one of my cats. Starts with all the cupboards, progresses to under all beds. Half the time I never do find out where she was, she just appears from nowhere. Great pics!


  2. It’s a PolterGUS!!


  3. jamjet73 says:

    I have to chase one of my cats around the living room several times before she will get into the bedroom and settle down so I can shut the door. She thinks it’s funny….I don’t because I’m in a wheelchair. 🙂 🙂


    • Oldcat says:

      Calla has an orderly mind – she tends to hint that it is time for bed herself before I head up.

      You might try making a ritual of giving a treat out to the cats in the bedroom in the evening just before bed. This may make the wild fellow reconsider being in another room.


      • jamjet73 says:

        I do, every night !! One is sitting on the bed waiting for her treat while the other is running around the living room finding places to hide. She then expects to get her treat when she finally does go into the bedroom, after ALL that trouble, and I give it to her….of course.


      • Oldcat says:

        Try not chasing her, and give her treat to the other cat!


      • Oldcat says:

        If your active cat needs to run about you could also try getting a fishpole toy and letting her chase it about the bedroom (or living room) and burn out the energy so she’ll be more ready for bed.


  4. Dad had to find me before Mom would leave to go to a movie yesterday…I had just found a new spot to catch a sun puddle…silly Moms!


  5. Andrea Kelly says:

    I definitely have to do a count as well before heading in for the night, or when I’m going out for the day. Baseball and Zooey still have a hiding place somewhere that I’ve never found!


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