Life on the Edge

Julie spends a lot of his spare time resting in the same spot I photographed him the other day in a big round tangle.  Today, however, he was a bit more decorous and sedate.  Note Gus in his bed in back for a two for one deal.

Calla has continued her lapcatty ways, climbing up onto my lap once or day or more.  Sometimes she gives me the biscuit torture and I have to find a napkin to keep from being pricked with her claws.  It is best when she settles and gets some brushing or some petting.

She tends to move off for one reason or another after a while.  Sometimes she comes back, others not.

I decided to tease her with the pink feather some, and like usual she swatted at it and then got spooked and retreated to a new spot.  See the lifted paw?  Just a moment before it gave the pink thing a big swat.

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11 Responses to Life on the Edge

  1. I love your cats photos!
    I see you have a new header, I like it very much!


  2. Julie looks like he KNOWS Gus is back there, and is keeping his ears on him!
    Calla, lovely as always, wish I knew why that feather frightens you so much. perhaps you need to chew it up a bit so you know you can kill it!


  3. Great pictures. Funny, though – the swat and retreat 🙂


  4. Lurkertype says:

    Why is Calla so freaked out by that feather? Is it the size, color, or what? My cats just chew on all feathers that get in their range.

    I want to touch Calla’s ruff. I imagine it’s the softest fur ever.


    • Oldcat says:

      I don’t think she is particularly scared of the feather itself, just that her reaction to most things that work her up is to back up and reassess from a safer distance. I remember a while back she was messing with a grasshopper on the patio and she would poke at it a few times and then skip back and watch from a few feet back to see what happens.

      Now when I was a kid we had a cat that was freaked out by a fingernail buffer and the jar of buffing creme.


  5. Kelly says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous eyes!


  6. Andrea Kelly says:

    It’s always exciting when they decide to be lapcats out of the blue 🙂


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