Halloween Night

Interesting day today – had to fast, then give about a beaker full of blood to the evil doctor guy.  The poor tech was a little nonplussed that I watched the vials fill up….guess he isn’t used to that.  I don’t mind the sight of my blood, not that I see it that often.  I think the last significant time was when Gus bit the crap out of me a couple of years back.

So I took a bit of a nap instead of dinner.  There aren’t a lot of trick or treaters here anyway, the only knock on the door was at 9 pm which is a bit late.  I didn’t answer, since I had no candy.  It was enough to scare Gus for a while anyhow.

Those Kids should Get OFFA MY LAWN!

When I took it, I thought that the first pic was a bit spoiled since the flash was blocked some by the vertical banister supports.  But it turns out I like the way it looks.  Sue me.

I took a good picture of her on the landing if you prefer too.

When I was napping, I did see that Calla has found a new place to hang out some times.  The trunk of the tree – cat tree is hollow and can fit a cat, and she has been hanging out in the stump like a squirrel.  It’s seriously cute, and I even got a little play time in there with a  wand toy before I read some H. P. Lovecraft on the Kindle – The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

Well,  it is Halloween!

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7 Responses to Halloween Night

  1. We hope you’re ok! It never matters how much or little blood they take from me, I always have to nap..
    I like that first picture of Calla, the shadow is interesting! Of course, she can’t take a bad picture.
    MOL, ol’ man Gus, get offa my lawn!


  2. I hope you are alright. I’m not one who likes the site of blood or anything. Would have made a terrible doctor.
    I think the photos came out brilliantly.


    • Oldcat says:

      It was just a semi-routine visit, but on Halloween so I was thinking of vampires. The guy taking blood was new, and dropped the needle thing on the floor, so he had to get a new one. Then there are four test vials to fill up, Female nurses tend to chat more so maybe they don’t notice, or don’t mind me watching.

      I’m on a diet that is supposed to improve some blood levels that the doc has been watching for a while. Doc is happy with progress, so time to see if the levels move too.


  3. nadbugs says:

    You are amazing for watching the blood. I’m a great one for being real, in the moment — but not that real. I hope your blood stays inside you from now on. And that first photo of Calla has atmosphere — her peeking around the shadow. I basically love it. The other one lacks the mystery, for me.


  4. Dianda says:

    Calla and her pretty big eyes as usual! 🙂
    hope the nap made you feel better!


  5. Lurkertype says:

    The first photo of Calla is great! The flash makes her look all mysterious and exotic. Plus it cuts down on the overexposure from that lovely white chest/tummy so you see other details.

    I’m with Gus about the kids.


  6. Wazeau says:

    I see Calla has dressed up as a diva 🙂


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