More Tree Cat Tree

There has been some requests for more pictures of Calla’s tree stump cat tree.  I decided to take some today.  Here Calla models the midway “branch” in front of the upper hole in the trunk.  You can see the top of the lower opening in the lower right…along with some ear tips of a curious Julie.

The two holes are joined up by a gap in the floor so the cats can clamber up or down between them.

Here’s the whole thing.  Julie decided to climb on the hassock to get in on the action.  Calla didn’t mind.

Here’s the lumpy top – attempting to look like leaves  I suppose.  The cats don’t seem to mind.

Most mornings these days Calla ends up on top of the tree.  There’s a view outside the window, and the altitude avoids any issues with Gus, who never was a good jumper and is a poor one these days.  Julie doesn’t use it except as a springboard to get to the top of the bookshelf next to it.

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4 Responses to More Tree Cat Tree

  1. That’s one might fine tree stump. My cats would go mad for something like that.


  2. That stump is awesome and Calla is the prettiest elf in it! Julie is adorable too. Somehow it doesnt surprise me that he likes the highest spot in the room!


  3. jamjet73 says:

    That is soooo cool ! 🙂


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