SDistic Day

Well, I called that one just about perfectly.  I went out at lunch today to buy a new SD card and when I got home to try it out I couldn’t get the old one out of the camera.  It had split again and stuck in the housing.  It took quite a bit of teasing and tearing to get it out.  In effect the entire case had to be torn out.  Then the part that was stuck fell out.

So now I have a naked SD card with about 2600 images on it that can’t be used unless I can repackage it.  All of the pictures are downloaded, though, so it is really just a matter of principle.

I managed to get a picture of Gus once all the furor was over.  It has been a while.

With the new, blank SD I did try using the Win7 USB download that has never worked well for me.  Well, it was at least fast, but there were still issues.  The images went into a directory named 4124-1-1 instead of by the right date, and for some reason they weren’t being recognized by Picasa as present.  When I pulled out the SD card like I had before, everything worked well.

At least it the same thing I have been doing, so it is no worse.  It just always seemed odd that the Win7 process is so much worse than the Vista one had been.

While I fret over silly stuff, Calla was doing the side biscuit business on the sofa.

I love her serious face when she is doing this stuff.

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2 Responses to SDistic Day

  1. Yikes, just in the nick of time!
    Gus is just so adorabley rumpled! I could kiss that cute little nose!
    Calla is so intent in her kneeding that I don’t think she knows you took her picture! MOL


  2. Lurkertype says:

    Kneading is srs bzness. I think the cats hypnotize themselves when they do it.

    Gus! And his nose! And his rumpled ruff.


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