Casual Julie

When Julie gets in from his outside adventures, he’s usually pretty content to just hang loose nearby.  This side table is one of his favorite spots for that.

I did bring out a shoestring on a stick toy.  Its one I made up from parts of an expensive toy that Julie broke.  He did go wild with it for a bit, so much so that I couldn’t keep him in the picture.  Then he got so ‘over’ it

When he was interested, he bit it several times so hard it made a crushing noise.

I gave Gus a chance after that but he’s a bit too self conscious about it with other cats about.

Loosen up, dude.

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Engineer with Cats
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2 Responses to Casual Julie

  1. We know that crunchy sound on stringies very well over here! Leo loves a good chomp on his strings!
    That second picture, Julie looks like he’s saying “talk to the paw!”
    Poor Gus, he needs to find some brave!


  2. rumpydog says:

    Gorgeous kitties!


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