Looking Up

I was out back taking some photos of Calla and the boys joined us.  Julie did his usual thing and took up a position on the edge of the group facing out, standing watch.  Gus hung back for a while, until something caught his eye straight up and he turned his senses to tracking it like a tiny radar installation.

Calla was looking really cute with her ruff which is approaching apron size.  She also enjoyed a few bites on the leaves on the verge there.  If you look to the right edge, you can see some of the bite scars on them at perfect Calla-height.

I was hoping the light would make her eyes more slit like, but it had faded too much.

Close, though.

Gus came around to the same side with her and leaned over to sniff at her.  This resulted in a hiss and swat from Calla.  Gus was good enough to just keep turned away and leave it at that.


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4 Responses to Looking Up

  1. Trouble in Paradise…

    Calla’s ruff is phenomenal!


  2. Apron ruff, love it!! I wonder what caught Gus’ attention, and if it was a bug, did he get it?


  3. skybluestateofmind says:

    Calla and her ruff — magnificent! Okay, tell the truth, is she your favorite? 😉


  4. littlemiao says:

    such beautiful floofiness!


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