Numbers Game

You can tell by Gus’s upturned whisker that there’s good news to report.  This blog just passed its 30,000th view.  It looks like the viewer was SkyBlueStateOfMind, reading the previous post and commenting.  The contents of that post were triggered by a comment of hers the day before.

While I’m not a good marketer of the blog, it is nice to see the regular readers stop by and comment and see the subscriber list and views grow in the year and a half or so it has been a going concern.

This week’s fave spot for Calla is the hammock bed.  I get a bit worried when she stands up in it like this – you can see the dents her feet are making in the fabric on the underside.  These two pictures of her make me think of the old saying “Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed”.

Uh oh, that’s one of those looks that would let her get away with anything.  Good thing for me she’s a good girl and does not take unfair advantage.

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3 Responses to Numbers Game

  1. Congratulations!!!
    Bright eyed, bushy tailed and extra floofy!
    Love Gus’ upturned whisker!


  2. Wait, I am the honoree? Yay!! Honored to be the 30,000th viewer! 😀 The tuxedo pattern plus the upturned whisker — please dress him up next Halloween as a good old fashioned English gentleman, will you? Like, with a tall hat and everything!

    Yes, the look that can stop 1000 wars! I also love it when my cat gets extra pouty and meows at me impatiently for treats!


  3. ConCATulations on your views xx beautiful moggies


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