in which more info on the image upgrade is discussed

Apparently the problem with the missing flyover, or “hover” text viewing is that the “Title” tag is no longer cool.  So they decided to ‘kill’ it and use the field for something else.  The Alt text is cool.  But not so cool that for 12 hours there was a bug that made that text vanish just like the Title field.

Currently, if you right click on a picture and go into the editor there, changing the Title field there adds a title tag.  This would seem to be bad, if the Title tag is bad.  It is also bad to have two identically named fields do different things.

If you add your flyover text to the Alternate Text field, you can then hand edit the “alt=” to “title=” and get your flyover.  This is a bit easier than doing it all by hand that I did last night.

As a programmer, this nonsense irritates me.  If you want flyover text to use a different tag, like “Alt”, then just rename the field Flyover.  Nobody cares what the HTML is for it.  You still need to provide the flyover functionality, hopefully without a lot of extra clicking.

I’ll keep an eye on this – my guess is “Alt” will eventually be the hover text field.

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1 Response to in which more info on the image upgrade is discussed

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    This seems way too complicated for what should be a simple procedure. I look forward to uploading pics with anticipation!


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