Crazy Cats

What a face!

I really got a rise out of Julie this evening by teasing him with the firecracker toy.  I think the funny face comes from him just having snatched it out of my hand and knocking it to the ground just as the picture went off…

You have to be careful when teasing him, he has a long reach and when worked up can reach past the end of the toy and get you on the hand instead.  He has quite a long reach too.

I love the way she is holding this cord to her heart.  Gollum, Gollum.

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5 Responses to Crazy Cats

  1. My precious! My precious stringy!
    Julie’s got the serious googley eyes going on there! I’d hate to come between him and his nip!


  2. Some kitty looks a little nipped out!



  3. Anne D says:

    Julie–long tail, long whiskers, long reach.


  4. That is a serious playing face 🙂


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