Tough for Calla

Calla is miffed with me for playing the video mentioned in the previous post, since she gets pretty concerned when cat sounds come out of the computer.  She’s even worse with kittens, and starts to look around to find the little fellows.

Before that, I had interrupted her rest to play with her using the dreaded feather…

Like usual, she seemed to enjoy it for a little while and then a switch flipped in her brain and she ran off to get away from it.

This hidey hole has its own built in toy from the robot cat toy.  She has pulled the lure mouse down so it hangs free and she can take a shot at it when she wants to.  I put the feather away and used this toy to play instead.

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1 Response to Tough for Calla

  1. Her little pink nose is so cute! And those eyes!
    Star flips when cat sounds come out of the computer too, she’s always looking for them. And that new commercial with the cats and dogs and things meowing out Christmas songs… that’s killing her! lol


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