Thunder Cat

Sleepy Calla

Even though this is a picture of Calla, I’ll start out by mentioning a funny thing Julie did yesterday.  It has been rainy most days for a week.  Even though he pops out for a bit, he must have had some excess energy stored up because he did a thunder charge all through the house yesterday.

It started upstairs, came down and into the kitchen and around the desk in a circle then out the cat door into the garage.  It ended by a charge back inside and around the loop one more time and finally ended at the cat tree.

Warm Bed Julius

Today he’s been a bit more relaxed.

Seasons Greetings

So relaxed that the catnip Santa mouse isn’t even worth bothering about.


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1 Response to Thunder Cat

  1. I hope you’re feeling better from yesterday!

    All that running wore Julie out!


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