Julius on the Ramparts

It was pretty damp most of the day today, but I did take the chance given by the day off to  do a little cleanup out back.  I trimmed back some plants from the path, and cleared away some soaked cardboard and stuff and put it out to be picked up.

After that I broke out the new camera for a little work since it was daylight.  Julius was up on the back yard wall, looking out over the roads and land beyond.  Sometimes when he is outside, he’s still the same cat he is inside – affectionate and a little goofy.

Today he was on duty – the wild cat inside comes flooding out.

He’s not timid or fierce – he is just so absorbed in his task that he has little attention for anyone else.  A downside of this is that he seems to look off in any direction rather than at the camera.

This is where the extra zoom really comes in handy.  I can get this close from clear across the yard.

I tried out the movie taking feature too some.  It worked pretty well, although I have not yet worked it up.  I seem to keep forgetting which way is zoom in versus out!

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4 Responses to Julius on the Ramparts

  1. He looks like such a wild cat! So handsome!


  2. He’s a good looking mancat for sure!

    Merry Christmas from The Horde at the Katnip Lounge!


  3. Jo Woolf says:

    Love the last photo especially – lovely expression!


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