Merry Christmas

I’d like to wish my readers and anyone else passing by a Merry Christmas!  If you don’t celebrate this, feel free to have a merry day regardless.

Calla used the day mostly for relaxing on her sofa, unless my banging around was too disturbing and she retired to the top of the stairs.  Gus was even more out of sight, as many seemingly normal things trigger his urge to vanish.

Julius made some quick exits, but just as quickly came back.  So whenever I took a break, more often than not he was there to perch on my lap as I listened to the TV.  I have been going over the commentaries of the old Lord of the Rings movies.  These are good for background because you only have to change them every two and a half hours.

The above shot is another in the series I took of Julius outside the day before.  I think this is at a higher zoom from farther back, so the background is more broken up and out of focus.

I was trying to circle around and photograph what he was seeing, but he shifted his head as something else in another direction.  So not a great vista shot from the yard, but it does show how Julius’ outside persona has dismissed me and the camera as unimportant business for the moment.

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5 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Sending you purrs for this holiday season!


  2. Gorgeous photos x. Merry Christmas


  3. Kristenaux says:

    Terrific pictures! Glad you had a wonderful Xmas as we did here…all five kitties & the two lower species me & my hubby. Sandy Claws showered them with gifties again & I’m going to have to buy a third basket to hold all their toys.


  4. Merry Christmas!
    Julie looks regal in that last pic!


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