Magic Carpet

I didn’t just take shots of Julius yesterday – here’s a nice one of Calla.  Even though it is daytime, the light still isn’t good enough for a rapid shot.  It gives a nice soft focus if neither her nor I move much…but it is a disaster if either do.  The new Sz camera is a little too powerful for the size of my living room.  Well, the old one still works!

I have already ordered some presents for the cats but they haven’t arrived.  Mid-morning I was out at the shopping area a few blocks away and picked up this carpet scrap.  It is apparently the best thing ever.  Julius perched on it seconds after I threw it down, not caring that it isn’t flat.  A little bit later, Calla was sitting on it and he chased her off it!

It wasn’t mean-spirited, and neither one was angry about it.  Soon after Julius had moved on Calla was plopping down on it, fighting with the hump in the carpet.  Next time I looked and Julie was back!

I’ll tell about the presents when they arrive.

Gus had a little visit to the vets today for a blood test.  He wasn’t happy and still is a bit subdued after.  It doesn’t help that Julius keeps sniffing at him.  Last time this was amped up into Julie charging and smacking him around some.  This time nothing so major happened, though.

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4 Responses to Magic Carpet

  1. Poor Gus, it stinks to come home smelling of the vets and everyone’s gotta see if it’s really you..
    Wow, Calla stole Julies sitting spot on the carpet and he still came back???


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    A lovely photo of Calla – I think it captures the depth of her eyes and the softness of her face. Julie looks as if he was born to sit on a Persian carpet! Hoping that Gus feels on top form again soon.


  3. Poor Gus. First, he gets poked and stabbed at the V*T, then when he gets home everyone keeps checking “are we sure that is really you?”.


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