Days and Dreams

It was another bad weather day with all of us sprawled about the house sleeping the afternoon away.  Calla spent much of the day in the new cat bed, although his picture was taken yesterday as she squeezed down as far as possible into the bed and pressed her paws into the opposite wall.

Gus is seemingly acting more normal than before – sleeping in his normal spots and in the normal manner rather than finding out-of-the-way spots and new places.  It looks like the shot might be having good effect on him.

Julie was off on one of the cat trees keeping tidy…

Apparently he is just as prone to leaving his tongue tip out as Calpurnia is!

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3 Responses to Days and Dreams

  1. How sweet! I love when they forget to put their tongues away! Glad to read Gus is feeling better.


  2. Hee hee, kitty tongue! Why are those so cute??
    Calla is adorable all scrunched in that adorable beddy!
    Yay that Gus is feeling better! Fingers and toes crossed that he continues to feel better more and more!


  3. choconutmeg says:

    These kitties are too adorable for words!


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