Party Animal

Julie is a wild and crazy guy!

Ok, maybe not.  Maybe he just puts up with the moods of his oddball owner.  When he didn’t go for the toy for me, I just put it on his head.

Calpurnia does not approve of these Hi-jinx.

What she (and the others) did approve of was that I bought a small bag of Fancy Feast “Filet Mignon” flavor as a treat.  Yeah, I know it probably isn’t the best thing ever, but they do seem to like it.  They’ll go back to Wellness or whatever when it is used up.

I do have an ulterior motive – Gus dropped a little weight when he was sick so he could use a little help to gain some back.  He was very polite when I put some in the common bowl – Calla was eating and he stood back and waited like a gentleman.  I got a bonus plate and put some of it on so they could eat all at once.

It sure looks like Gus is recovered from his little infection with the help of the medicine.  He really seems back to his old behavior – not going off into odd corners to rest.

When I came up for this picture he curled up his front feet and pushed the back ones into the bed.  Cute!

I checked my stats for this, the last post of the year and I just cracked 32000 views all time.  I kept alive the string of consecutive days posting, not missing a day this year.  Thanks to everyone who visits here, and have a Happy New Year in 2013!

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4 Responses to Party Animal

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    That is a very cute pic of Gus! Glad he’s feeling better. A very Happy New Year to you, too!


  2. Anne Daigle says:

    Happy New Year, too Bonne Annee!! (That sure looks funny without the proper accent) Glad to be one of your blog viewers. I look forward to the posts every day. Now if I could just get my new I-pad to work, all things would be fine. Love the cats!!


  3. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013! How we torment our kitties with hats and mice-hats…hee hee!


  4. Wazeau says:

    Lovely photos! Love poor put-upon Julius 🙂 And a happy new year!


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