Calla Corner

Calla’s new favorite area ever for the week is the alley beside the sofa and back to the cat tree.  These days she sleeps in the bottom basket…or in the center basket visible at the top right.  In the late summer she was often tucked under and behind the entire tree.

With the heater being on, she’s a bit frizzy these days. Brushing also adds some charge.  I wonder if using the metal comb would help that out.

She sometimes goes back to the sofa top, but prefers to sprawl on the carpet behind.  There’s a hammock bed that also gets some use.

Typically these sleeping habits persist for a few weeks and then change to something else entirely.

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1 Response to Calla Corner

  1. Oh my gosh, Leo gets all staticy and frizzy in the winter too! And if he’s standing on me when I pet him, I can feel the sparks coming out his toes! So we broke down and got humidifiers going up and downstairs and he’s spark free finally!


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