It was a delivery bonanza today – first my order of six types of herbal blends arrived.  I got them from The Way of Cats.  I had ordered their variety pack before, and it was pretty well liked.  There are some new types, so I got one of each.

Gus really liked the Catnip one (Royal Nip) as you can see.  The last time Julius had torn the bag open on the second day or so.  Another favorite was Mouser Mix in a pink bag.  Gus tossed this one around some earlier.

The others don’t seem to be having a dramatic effect, but I did see cats suddenly ‘showing up’ near one of the other bags and sniffing it or lying nearby.

I also got this little stool in the mail today as well.  Julie has popped on top a couple of times already like a throne.  He even reached down from there and hooked the catnip bag up to be up there with him once.  It is made by small hand artisans and distributed here to sell.

Julie does do a little digging at the cords when jumping on.  No damage so far.

Calla has been a little reserved this evening, sitting in her little castle in the corner of the room again.  Maybe she can smell enough from way over there.

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8 Responses to Overstimulated?

  1. rumpydog says:

    Oooh! June Buggie loves the ‘nip. He would love those I bet!


  2. Wazeau says:

    Love that little stool, it is a perfect cat throne 🙂


  3. I’d love to shop for a stool like that…can you publish the link?


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  5. Wow, Gus looks a little fried! MOL Love the stool, I bet it will help Gus get up. I have a folding chair in a few stratigic places to help Star get up. Our bed is too high for her to jump up any more. A lot of times she ignores the chair and climbs up though. I think she’s saying “I’m not old! I can get up there if I want!”


    • Oldcat says:

      My cat Cassie was like that as she got older. She had no front claws and had a partial paralysis in the hips that made her have to set her feet spread wide to keep from falling, but she managed to go up the stairs and get up onto the bed in the morning without help right up until a few months before she died at 20 years old.


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