All the Trimmings

Remember the story about Gus and Calla getting pretty close in the morning on the bed?  Well there was a round two this morning.  Gus had just climbed up and was sitting by my shoulder when she came up behind, and again moved up onto my stomach.

This time Gus was watching.  She moved close to sniff at him which made him flinch a little,  but that’s all.  She moved a little bit away to the other side of the bed and poked around there.  No fireworks at all.

Yesterday I did a bit more trimming of Gus’ hair to remove mats.  He was pretty good about it despite him getting pretty thin in spots.   I think I will keep trying to get the mats out no matter how patchy it makes him look.   I’ll probably skip a few days to give him time  to get over a session.

Calla was sitting on the towel I used to catch the cat hair this morning.  I know she likes towels, but I don’t know if the Gus hair is an attraction or if it was one of the herb mixtures that is sitting nearby.

Aside from the crazy catnip herb mixture, the effects of the herbs are a subtle.  However, it seems pretty clear that the cats have a tendency to be hanging out near one of them at any given time.  That spot of pink is one of them in the picture above.

Today I was messing with Calla and she jumped down from the chair right over the pink bag and felt the need to tug on the carpeting right around it.

Julie, too, seems to often be hanging out near a bag.  Even if it doesn’t make them wild, it has its attractions.

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4 Responses to All the Trimmings

  1. That first up close of Calla.. wow, I’d put that on my wall!
    Poor Gus Gus and his mats. Is it his fur texture that mats easily or his age and decreased grooming? I hope you get them all as I’m sure they’re not comfy.
    Julie looks like he’s meditating around that nippy bag!
    You know, I have seen Leo and even Star occasionally try to pull up the middle of the carpet, now it makes me wonder if a kitty nip something had been sitting there a long time.. I might have to pay more attention to where those things wind up!


    • Oldcat says:

      Maybe I should set up a Zazzle Store. The original picture could make a 2 foot by 2 foot poster by their estimates…they even have “Fathead” like wall decals.

      Sometimes Calla digs at a spot where there isn’t anything, just to work the kinks out.


    • Oldcat says:

      I think a lot of the issues with Gus are age related. His longer hair makes it worse than for a short hair cat. His fewer teeth also make it harder for him to rip out the mats he gets when he does groom.

      From what I remember, if I can get his hair shorter in back it works a lot better. I just have put off the recutting too long, it seems.


      • If you did set up zazzle, you certainly have the makings for a wonderful calendar!
        I forgot he has fewer teeth, that’s probably a big part of it. As Star ages, she gets scragglier, but still manages to keep it all fairly hairball free. Mostly because she will dig out her hair if she feels so inclined..


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