Wishing it was Over…

That’s what the cats would be saying if they could talk about day 2 of the experimentation with the SZ and high ISO.  Because today I was seeing how it did with the flash.  Well, one thing it did do was give you very snappy shutter speeds – 1/250 a second or faster sometimes.  So camera shake blur is no issue.  And I do like how light from the front brings out the cat’s iris which can sometimes be lost in a natural light shot.

Sometimes it turns out well…

Other times not quite as well!  That eye is pretty sinister looking.

I did some relative comparison of the low level blur at ISO 100 versus 800.  If you go to the highest zoom (400 percent) you can see the difference.  It isn’t a huge thing in my eyes if you aren’t cropping away most of the shot.

Gus was pretty chatty yesterday. I’m not sure if it was the fact that it was raining outside, or that Calla had decided to sleep in his favorite bed.

Julie was outside when it started to rain tonight.  Either he doesn’t go as far at night as all that or he had plenty of warning, because he had not gotten wet when I let him in.

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5 Responses to Wishing it was Over…

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Love the way Julie looks so comfy on that chest of drawers!


  2. Gus has some lovely eyes, even in ‘creepy mode’ MOL
    Julie’s so fast, he runs between raindrops!
    I love how he has his paws draped over the edge!


  3. 😀 That is quite a sinister look


  4. Just got a new camera myself…it’s wild how they vary, even at the same “settings”. My crew is getting the same treatment as yours!


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