The Many Faces of Calpurnia

So having played around for the last week with the larger SZ-12 camera I find I have to relearn the tricks to using the old Stylus.  Figures.  But it is clear that the flash is a lot easier to handle due to its modest power.

I don’t really know why she looks so startled here.  Almost every shot has a different face in it, as if she was mugging for the camera.

Calla does not approve of the implication that she would do any such thing.

This is one of the SZ shots from Sunday.  I like it, but the flash even in the day has ‘bleached’ some of the lighter browns.

I ordered some cat cleaning wipes and some ‘no water’ cleaner to see if I can make up for Gus’ grooming issues somewhat.  I used a couple on him today and he was pretty annoyed at the process, but otherwise unharmed.  It did seem to cut down on the spikey clumps that were sticking together a bit.  There’s still some mats here and there that will have to be cut out, and it would be good if I could get an overall shorter length from the ribs back.  From the last time if the hair is shorter, it doesn’t get matted.

But the ‘shortening’ combs don’t work well if the run into a mat, so that chopping out close mats has to be first.  And this will make him look a bit patchy.  Already one hip is cut very close in spots.  You can see a pink spot on one knee that was a clump I got with bandage scissors a few days ago.  And there’s only so much he will put up with in one session.

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9 Responses to The Many Faces of Calpurnia

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely pics of Calla. I can sympathise with your troubles in grooming Gus – I know a long-haired cat who won’t let anyone do this. Do any of these cat fur sprays or wipes help to untangle knots?


  2. Calla is a model, that’s all there is to it. She’s got the almost pouty look down pat, and those eyes! Goodness, they are gorgeous!
    Poor Gus! You know, this is the first time I can tell he’s had a hair cut! You always say he looks choppy and I never see it, but since you pointed out his pink knee, I see it! I’m sure he’d rather have a little bald spot than a mat. After all, on the knee like that, it would impede his walking and jumping!


    • Oldcat says:

      I’ve cut a few knots from his white parts near the chest, but the other ones cover those pretty well. Most of the work is on the hind leg and base of tail area on one side, not coincidentally the side he usually has facing down when he lies down.

      In person you can see a spot where the length is down from long hair length to the length of hair a short hair cat has, but in a still camera shot it is a lot harder.

      And as to ultimate goals, both Gus and I know it will be better off after the cutting is done, but he objects to the process all the same. When he gets too upset he starts sneezing or hicupping and it just gets very hard to continue and the risk of damaging him goes up.

      A skilled cutter can do a hugely matted cat in a jiffy – I’ve seen it with Calla. I’m not that good..


  3. What better faces could you ask for!


  4. quirkyartist says:

    The joys of longhaired cats. I used to tell my Bollinger that he was a Boy Scout. As soon as my back was turned he’d be tying knots.


  5. Wazeau says:

    Poor Gus looking so rumply after all the glamour mugs of Calla 🙂


  6. Calla’s eyes are mesmerizing. Poor Gus, it’s so hard getting the mats out and shedding season is right around the corner. pffft!


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