Sore Subject

Since it was the weekend again I broke out the SZ for some practice but the poor weather meant we had to stay inside.  So I got down in an odd corner of the room and used the zoom feature to get close up shots without having to be in the cats’ face.

I started with Julie since he was off in the center of the room.  I took one picture and he got up and came right up to the camera to see what was going on.  All right, there are other subjects to try out with the long lens…where’s Calla?

It turns out she had gotten up from where she had been and squeezed behind me up onto the seat.  Instead of being far off she was about a foot and a half away.

Julius had gone back to his original spot, but was facing the other way.  But I had chosen this spot for its vantage to all three cats.  So where was Gus?

He had moved too, and was about a foot and a half away on the other side.

Back to Julius then?  Well, he had also moved and was about a foot in front of me, facing the same way I was.  All four of us were in a little pack, facing the same way towards the rest of the room, which was vacant.


Calpurnia did have a great thunder run this morning.  She must have gone through three rooms upstairs, then down the balcony and the stairs all the way around the sofa and up the far cat tree in two bounds to the second highest level.  She then made some yowls of satisfaction.

Julie had to see if he could find out what was up and tried to stalk close enough to see if anything was wrong, but their wasn’t.

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6 Responses to Sore Subject

  1. Lurkertype says:

    So the new camera is a cat magnet! Worth every penny.


  2. kimkiminy says:

    I love that shot of Gus’s floofy foot.


  3. MOL, well, they wanted to see what you were looking at! How were they to know it was them?
    Gus has some pretty pink jelly bean toes! But he needs to clean them a touch better, never know when it’s time for your close up!


  4. Kinda reminds us of Grace O’Malley. Dad has dozens of pictures of her with her left foot reaching out of the frame, trying to snag the camera strap.


  5. littlemiao says:

    Beautiful, all of them! Julius is so floofy and handsome. And floofy Gus toes! Calpurnia is so purrfect.


  6. Sore Subject..Julie? what a picture!! What a face!!


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