Forgotten Title Post

I had to insult Gus’ dignity a little bit today by giving him another wipe bath.  It does seem to help with the fur, degreasing it somewhat and making it less clumpy.   He doesn’t like the process much, though.  He was also not thrilled that Julius was watching, partially concealed behind a cardboard box.

Julie was his usual squinting self when it was his turn for pictures.

He became increasingly riled up by the camera strap.  Look at the claws there.  In the end I gave up on pictures and just played with him some…but with a long stick.  He sometimes forgets about those claws.

come outside” –  this morning I saw this as a search hit that led someone here.  I did the same search myself and was surprised to see Calla’s pretty picture from a few days ago high up in the image searches…about a third of the way down the list, after a lot of images from some BBC show.  Now, I knew that Gus is the number 1 Google image for “shaved tuxedo cat“, but that picture has had a long time to percolate up.

I have been kind of surprised to see a few of my pictures showing up in Google images when looking for other things.  I forgot to write down those searches.

Julius, again, decided to be a little unhelpful by getting just outside Calla’s swatting range while I tried to take some pictures.  Even though he doesn’t ever do anything, it makes her a little off-balance when he does this.

I don’t think he does it on purpose, he’s just doing his thing without much noticing how the other cats react to it.

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6 Responses to Forgotten Title Post

  1. Lurkertype says:

    This was the top post on my Reader page, so you can imagine my delight when, upon clicking that, the top half of my screen was filled by that adorable profile of Mr. Gus! Keep an eye on that ceiling.


  2. I love Gus’ wonky whiskers!
    I don’t know.. that look on Calla’s face doesnt really say “come outside” to me, it more seems to say “Come up and see me sometime” MOL
    Julie’s oblivious to his effect on the others? Ya know, that doesnt surprise me. He’s always looking at the far off places, kitties right in his face probably hold little interest to him.


    • Oldcat says:

      The picture from the come outside search is the shot of her standing in the back yard face on with her tail right up from last week.

      It is from the “Weekend End” post


  3. littlemiao says:

    do you have a special technique for the wipe bath? I want to do something similar with Ping.


    • Oldcat says:

      I bought some made for cats from Amazon and then I just ‘pet’ him through the wipe. Gus doesn’t seem to mind this terribly, but does grumble when I try and get at the tummy. I also bought a kind of foaming shampoo that you rub on and don’t wipe off, but haven’t used that yet. I use 2 per time.

      You could probably work the stuff in better with skritches than I do, and get more bang per session, but I’m in it for the long haul. It helps, and it is a lot faster than any other method and thus he’s unhappy for less time.

      He doesn’t seem to mind the stuff after the application process is over.

      I could get the brand for you if you want, but I haven’t used this brand before the week so take that as you like. Years ago I had some in a foil pack I got at PetSmart tht worked about the same.


  4. Oldcat says:

    I just realized I forgot a title for this post. Grr.


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