Book Lover

Crazy Whisker Calla

Calla continues to change her normal habits to hang out on the other side of the living room where the half emptied bag of catnip is.  Somehow it keeps migrating away from where the boys hang out and closer to where she does.

She hasn’t yet hit on the expedient of just picking the bag up and walking off with it.

Clean Fur Gus

Gus’ baths have him looking considerably better.  He’s still somewhat mussed, but some of that are due to clumps being cut out.  But the fur is less sticky, more fluffed.  I think he feels a little cheered by the change.  He’s a bit more active.

Book Lover Calla

One thing that is funny is that Calla really likes books.  She will rub on any that are lying around, and even punches the odd hole in a page every once in a while. But usually rubbing is enough, which does no harm.

She’s in a place with no shortage of books to rub on.

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7 Responses to Book Lover

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    One thing I’ve found Purdey just loves is an emery board. If she hears me filing my nails she comes running, to rub her whiskers on it. Wonder if Calla would love that, too?


  2. Are you sure Calla isn’t picking up that half full bag and taking it to the other side of the room to keep it to just herself? Star rubs on my books, but only if I’m reading them! And of course, she will lay on them so I give her all the attention instead of paying attention to the silly book. She does the same with my laptop, but I think she likes laying on that because it’s warm too. Most of the time she will slam the lid down rather than walk on the keys, silly girl.
    I’m glad Gus is feeling and looking better, such a sweet old guy!

    Thank you, by the way, for the information on Leo’s genetics. I find it so facinating! We have no idea, of course, on Star’s parents, though I did catch a glimps of her and/or her sisters babies. At least one was solid black, so I assume that’s from her without the delute.


  3. kimkiminy says:

    So many books, so little time to rub on / punch holes in them.
    Looks like her ruff is stuck in her mouf. Time for trimming?


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