He’s a Lumberjack…

Tree Cutters

…and he’s disturbing poor Calla.  There was a pack of tree-trimmers hacking away at the trees in the front and side yards.  Some of those pine branches are falling down from the cutter above.  If you follow the rope to the top of the picture you can see the tip of one of his chainsaw, hanging below from him on a cord.

Calla even stood up just before this with her head just under the corner of the window frame to get a better look.

When I left for work there was a second crew in another tree in the driveway.  They had filled up the driveway with cut branches and had to push them aside so I could get out.

Fluff Monster Calla

Calpurnia does not approve of this tumult…

The catnip saga continues, although it is close to over.  Someone untied the knot holding the bag closed and spilled a lot of the remainder.  Calla is getting used to sleeping in the basket bed in that part of the room so she might hang out there even when the catnip is all gone.

Patchy Gus

Gus has been pretty good about hiding the short patches on his side in pictures.  This one is an exception and you can see the short parts.  I felt a few small knots so I may have to trim a bit more this weekend.

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4 Responses to He’s a Lumberjack…

  1. Oh I wish you’d gotten a pic of her standing! MOL She sure looks interested! My kitties would be under the bed!
    Ok, NOW I see some irregularities in Gus’ fur! Poor guy, I hope the knots come out easy for him this time!


  2. Wazeau says:

    Now that is a view of Calpurnia we haven’t really seen much of! She looks even rounder from below and behind 🙂


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Gus is a dignified old man, and knows how to show his best side.

    Kitties are simultaneously fascinated and terrified of brooms and sweeping. I’ve found this to also be true with tree-trimming and brush clearing. Gracie can usually be found in the middle of the pile of vegetation I’m still throwing branches at.


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