Seven Hundred Club

Yes, this is my 700th post on ThreeCatYard.  I haven’t done the math, but post 750 will be very close to the second anniversary of the blog.  But long before that, in just over a week, it will be Calla’s third anniversary here.

This picture is from the other day, when Julie was using his ‘stool fort’ against Gus.  This is pretty much taunting, as poking the head out one side and the tail the other just rubs in the fact that the middle is protected from a lick or subsequent bite.

Unlike the boys, we don’t really know how old Calla is.  The adoption paperwork had a date that was probably bogus – if that were so she would be nearly as old as Gus.   Given how athletic she is with a Persian body style this can’t be the case.

I figure she is around Julie’s age or a few years younger.

Again, this is from a few days ago and Julie was being bold on the sofa and risking getting a swat from Calla.  She took it all pretty well, and he isn’t quite as close to her as he looks.

Either right before or right after the ‘chew on your hand’ picture, Julie cleans more normally.  I like the way the whiskers are folded down over the paw.


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3 Responses to Seven Hundred Club

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    So many milestones! Congratulations on them all.


  2. 700! Congratulations!! Oh my gosh, so much Julie personality! Love it!


  3. quirkyartist says:

    I wish I,was at your house with the three cats. Arabella ignores me still. But the new baby arrives next Saturday.


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