Poised for Action

Gus is totally alert and ready for anything…

…including a quick nap. Old age is tough.

Calpurnia was happy enough to be out of her cage at the shelter and be held, but the long period after that while the workers there tried to figure out if she needed to be fixed or not may have tried her temper.  In the end, after shaving a strip down her belly to the skin they still couldn’t decide if she needed it or not and ended up just accepting the information in the records they had.

She didn’t like the ride home either, which was a pretty long one as this wasn’t my county’s shelter I found her in.  It was the first sound I had heard her make, though.

I got her into her own bedroom and after putting out some food and litter left her more or less alone for a little while to decompress.  She did eat and drink some when I put her next to them, and had used the box but spent a lot of that first afternoon in the closet.  It was the warmest part of the room.  One visit she had crawled into a little space between some luggage, which I discouraged for next time by rearranging things so that there were to be no gaps she could crawl into.  When I visited she didn’t mind being pulled out and petted, but didn’t seem to want to wander.  I had already noted the huge mats between her legs on both sides, about the size of a baseball or a fist.

So I went to bed wondering if I had a super-shy wallflower of a cat, and when I went in the next morning she was perched at the level of the ceiling on top of the highest bookshelf, looking out the window.  I never thought a Persian could jump that high, or want to, even without the mats interfering with her legs.

For most of the rest of her isolation time I would find her up there, but once I sat down she would leap from the top down onto the sofa next to me like a fuzzy meteor.  She wasn’t ready to be a lap cat, but she liked walking behind me across the back of the sofa and getting some pets that way.

Julius is as interested in the camera strap as Calla is…but he can actually kill it.

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4 Responses to Poised for Action

  1. I am so glad you took Calpurnia home and gave her the love and attention she deserved. Poor thing, having to try to move around with baseball sized mats on her legs.
    I’m with Gus, by the way, always ready and alert for a good sleep 🙂


  2. Love Gus’ idea of action! A fast nap!

    Poor Calla! Why didn’t they shave off those mats when they shaved her tummy?? They had to have seen them! Sheesh. I’m so glad you got her, she’s such a sweet pretty girl.
    Ya know, Star gets her attention the way Calla did, she has to be walking back and forth next to a person half the time.

    I believe Julie could kill anything he put his mind to.. MOL


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