Workout Warrior

I finally caught another good picture of Julie making the big tree wobble with his scratching.  With him it isn’t just ‘loosen the old claw sheathes’, instead he puts some back into it.

I keep trying to get some shots of Gus looking perky, as he is feeling a bit better.  Not quite so good as to keep up with the knots forming on his coat, but better.  I think there was even a bit of improvement before the antibiotics, but they seem to help too.

He even held the bed from Calla, although she’s in it now that he has gone upstairs.

It was a pretty stressful morning for the boys, as there were workmen about replacing my garage door.  My old one was a poor design, and years ago started to strip and work out some of the bolts holding the panels together.  I used several of those metal binder clips you use to clip paper together as an expedient repair and forgot about it for a few years…ok, more than a few.  Like five.

Well, the binder clips held up fine but the other parts of the door started to snap through, so it was time to bite the bullet and find a repair guy. I googled repairmen, and one had his ‘address’ at a busy intersection that I happen to know about, and there are no garage door repairmen in a tony outdoor mall.  I’m not sure who he thinks he is fooling with that one, you can use street view and see that yourself.

Needless to say, I didn’t call that guy.   Called on Saturday, got an inspection Monday, fixed today.  And I still have the binder clips.

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4 Responses to Workout Warrior

  1. rumpydog says:

    *sings* I’m sexy and I know it…… *prances around with kitties*


  2. Julie is attacking that thing! Seriously shredded!
    Glad gus is feeling better, AND got his bed back, if only for a while, MOL


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