Julie’s World

One of the toy apps I downloaded onto my new phone was Google Earth.  And like everyone, the first thing you do is look for your house.  This area is Julie’s world.  My house is the leftmost unit on the bottom row (the houses on my street are duplexes).  You can see the walls that Julie walks on, the pool area and RV park he hangs about in, and the hillside I saw him on once years ago leading to the wall dividing us from the next block.  As far as I know he doesn’t spend any time outside the wall going toward the highway ramp.

You can also see (or fail to see) the back yard itself.  It’s teeny!

Ever since I saved the image I’ve been humming this song by an Australian band from the ’80s, the Eurogliders called “Judy’s World”.   I got this album years back as a castoff and really liked it, and have gotten most of their other stuff since.

I was also nominated for an award by the author of the My Feral Family blog, who has rescued some kittens and done the TNR thing with some other cats.  Thanks for the honor!

I figure the map and song counts for the seven things to reveal.  I can answer questions about the map if you like.  You can plot out Calla’s route on her strolls in the front too, or where Gus took his swim and where Julie watched the ducks.

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2 Responses to Julie’s World

  1. That’s funny, because the song I heard that too was Jessie’s Girl. “I wish I had Julie’s World” MOL
    So cool to see where he roams! And I assume one of those houses is the one Calla heads toward out front.
    Julie looks quite shy in that picture today!


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