With Daylight Savings kicking in at least I get a little bit of daylight after work and I was out back poking about in the back yard for a while.  Thus when it got to be a time for pictures it turned out there were no cats to be found.

That’s when I turn to the world’s dirtiest trick – the shake a treat bag.  I’ve gotten Julie to come home from outside a time or two with it, and this time I managed to collect everyone into the main room from elsewhere without having to go look for them.

Julie came along afterwards but was less interested in the treats on the ground than the ones already in Calla’s tummy, from the looks of things.  Good thing for him she was busy with other matters…

…and I got some pictures out of it!


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3 Responses to Bribes

  1. Oh my gosh, Julie, she’s gonna get you! MOL
    Shaking the treats only gets Star to come to me. I can’t find anything that will tempt Leo, even though when he first got her almost two years ago he loved treats! Now he sniffs them and gives me a look like I’m trying to pass off celery to a kid as a snack..


  2. littlemiao says:

    beautiful pictures too!

    I do the treat bag trick sometimes, but I always feel compelled to give them something so they won’t catch on that it is a trick. Then everykitty swarms over me and I have to supervise to make sure Sprocket doesn’t get more than his share.


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