Gus Day

Gus has to visit the vet tomorrow to get some tests done to see if his infection has cleared up, but I think the results will be good there.  I’m sure the process won’t be much fun for him.

He did have a little adventure as I pulled in the central post for the new cat tree from the porch he decided to take a turn about the front path in the warm night air.  Calla soon popped out afterward and started on her stroll for the neighbor’s front door.  While I was chasing her, Gus did his usual turn into the pool area.  He was back, though, before I managed to return with Calla and was ready to go inside.

He still seemed pretty perky watching the other cats move about.  Calla has been hanging about in his neighborhood recently which is a nice change from when she avoided him entirely, even to the extent of climbing up and down the side shelves and chairs rather than take the stairs.  This was around the time of his Feliway aggression and after.

Aside from feeling better, I think everyone likes it better when it isn’t as chilly as it has been this last month or so, and probably Gus even more than the rest of us.  Calla has to visit the vet, but I will make a different trip with her for later.

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6 Responses to Gus Day

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Hope all goes well for Gus tomorrow.


  2. littlemiao says:

    I hope the vet visits go well!


  3. Fingers and paws crossed for Gus’ trip to the vet! Hoping for good news! We’re so glad he’s feeling better.
    When you said you were taking Calla in at a different time, I pictured the two of them stuffed into the same carrier.. MOL No freaking way, right!?
    Calla’s just a check up?


    • Oldcat says:

      Once at the vet, she did dive into Julius’ carrier with him already in it and squeezed past him to the back.

      Another time they took her to the back by hand and came back with her in a carrier…apparently when she had a chance she dived into someone else’s carrier and thought it was mine.


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