Da Bird and Catnip

I spent a little time today planning out the setting up of the cat tree – I needed to get some anchors for the roof part and I checked out the fit in the little window bay.  Looked good.  The pole is tall enough to hit the roof even downstairs which is a little surprising..well not in the entryway.

I made a few purchases because I felt bad about the lameness of the last catnip toy.  I picked up a ‘Da Bird plus extra stuff on sale at Amazon and a three pack of Yeoww catnip pillows.  Julie was sniffing around Calla trying to get her pillow that she was sitting on…

So I found one of the others and he was content with it.  This pink one didn’t faze Julie at all and he began to hatch it just like Calla was doing with the green one.


Gus was late to the party and was wondering if he could share.  The answer was no.

Lucky for him I got one for everyone and once I showed him his own he was content.

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4 Responses to Da Bird and Catnip

  1. I can’t wait to see this cat tree that’s higher than the ceiling!
    Hatching the catnip toys! MOL Yeah, I’ve seen that move..
    You don’t have to share if everyone has one, whoo hoo!


  2. Happy St. Pawddy’s Day!

    I love it when they hatch their toys!


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