Under Construction

Normal weekend activity was changed today because I spent a lot of the morning putting the platforms in place on the new cat tree.  It wasn’t too hard, once you figure out what order to do things in.  I had initially skipped some steps and had to do some pieces over.  Luckily, the design of the platforms is pretty forgiving and you can do things over.

When tightened down, the platforms are pretty firm and hold a cat’s weight.

There is one issue left, in that the pole spins pretty freely.  I did skip a step on the bottom of the post that might affect this, so I will probably try and fix this before the final judgement.

There was a little bit of a fracas between Calla and Julius.  I think both of them were annoyed at the change in routine and then collided in the upstairs hall.  Julius must have chased her all the way downstairs.

Tonight I noticed a scratch on the back of one of her ears.  Was this a wound from this morning, or an itchy spot that she is over-grooming?  She has been sneezing some in the past few days, so there could be a stuffy head or an allergy that causes itching.  I’ve also seen her scratching her ear tonight, but who can say if this is the cause or an effect.


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1 Response to Under Construction

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Poor dear. It must be tough living with two boys sometimes.


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