Unveiling the New Cat Tree

Gus vs Carboard Box

Now it is time to unveil the new cat tree. Who makes it?  Elevation Cat Tree from Whisker Studios.

Gus feels more comfortable in a cardboard box than in the new tree…
Early Setup 1

Early days…you need to put all the platforms over the post as you adjust things.  I use the boxes to keep them from collapsing onto the base of the post.

Naked Pole

The post itself is a telescoping unit that can reach almost 10 feet tall.  This roof doesn’t need quite that much space.

Secure the top

There is a top cap that needs to be secured into the roof to grab the top of the post (actually you can secure the post to the wall instead).  You need to supply your own mounting for whatever kind of roof you have.

Bottom of Post

There is a screw to adjust the height of the post to affix it firmly to the top cap.

Mounting Hardware 1

Attaching the mounting hardware loosely.  An advantage is that the platforms ‘stick’ even without all the parts in place.  Of course, I found that skipping the little internal plastic part was a problem and I had to remove each part again and reattach with the part included.

The ‘crooked’ loose setup adds enough friction to let you move a platform to its position without all the hardware attached.

Full mounting hardware

Here is the full mounting hardware – you keep the up/down screws holding the clamp to the platform loose while tightening the side to side clamp.  Once this is done, tighten the platform screws to keep it from wobbling.

Note the internal plastic grabber sleeve inside each clamp.

The Tree - Top

Here are the top platforms between the two windows in the little nook upstairs.  I may adjust the positioning to ease the cats moving up and down once I get them using it.

The Tree - Middle

The center platforms.  I already moved the two upper platforms in this picture to be in almost the same level to make it easier to sit on the lower platform.

The Tree - Bottom

The lower platforms are placed just so in the hope that Gus might try them out at least to get a peek out the window.  He can see out if he sits on the lower platform.

Julie on Top

Sure, I put Julie up there, and he was pretty worried because the thing tended to spin.  Putting the missing bolt on the bottom and tightening it up generally really helped in that respect.  But the bracket itself held his weight fine.

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6 Responses to Unveiling the New Cat Tree

  1. Very nice kitty tree.


  2. Wow, that’s an awesome cat tree! I hope Gus does use it. How awesome would it be if they were all on it at once!


  3. Jo Woolf says:

    That is one very cool cat tree! They’re going to love it.


  4. ACE!!! My crowd would love it.


  5. kimkiminy says:

    I like it! Very elegant. Also great how you positioned it between two windows.


  6. Lurkertype says:

    I foresee many photo ops.


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