A Little Adventure

It was nice outside this evening after work so I let everyone out front for some fun.  The back yard is easier, since it is enclosed, but Gus in particular likes to have his little bit of time out front and it is nice to indulge him.

Julie likes sitting on top of a wall on watch even when it is the stubby one around the front porch.  He runs out to the path, then leaps from there up onto this wall for a while nearly every time.

Gus sometimes walks down to the end of the path, or follows the stepping stones to the left along the wall through the fence into the pool, or steps off the path into the bushes on the side.

Today it was the bushes.

Calla always takes a stroll towards the front door of the neighbors in the other half of the duplex.

The mighty hunter has outdone himself by catching a car.  Now to drag it home!

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4 Responses to A Little Adventure

  1. Wow an even better view of Julie’s side markings! So awesome! But I don’t know where you’re going to keep that car for him inside until he can eat it all.. 😉
    Calla is such a pretty fluffball! I never noticed the black on the back of her foot/leg before, looks like she got her sock dirty, MOL!
    Gus is a bush dweller? I guess that’s not surprising!


  2. Lurkertype says:

    I’m hoping that’s mostly fur and a bad angle on Miss Calla. Otherwise she’s going to be dusting the floor and the furniture with her tummy. We have hardwood floors and a fluffy tortie with short legs and we threaten to put Lemon Pledge on her tummy for sweeping.

    Love the Gus tail!


    • Oldcat says:

      When I got her the fur was knuckle deep over her back, and more on the sides. She looked like a yak.

      Now She’s pretty shaggy, but most of it is fur poofed straight out. I need to get it sheared now that it has warmed up some.


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