Happy Cat Gus

Yesterday was the front yard, today it was the back yard.   Gus had a pretty good time as you can see from the smile.

Julie, Gus and I were out back taking some shots when something caught Gus’ eye.  This shot has a good view of Gus’ habit of sitting on his curled up tail, it is spiraled in a big circle and pops out the side.

But who or what is it?

It is Calpurnia coming out late again.  Gus went back to meet her and she gave her normal warning mew when he gets too close.  It isn’t a hiss but the boys seem to react as if it were.

Calla retired inside, Gus followed at a discreet distance, and then they all had dinner.

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1 Response to Happy Cat Gus

  1. BIG yawn, er, smile on Gus! I have never seen a kitty sit on it’s tail like that! What a goof!
    Star always says something when someone comes near her. It’s usually more hostile when it’s Leo she’s talking to.. But her habit of saying something always makes my one niece think she’s going to attack, but she’s just saying hi. Mostly. Also a little you better be nice or I wont be either! MOL


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