Julie on the Wall

One of two milestones this week…the 750th post!

Julie was a bad fellow last night – he stayed out very late, well after midnight.  I was wakeful enough to stay up until he came back, and after as well.  He was pretty apologetic about it then and even today – snuggling up more than he usually does.

Twilight Calla

Today he was too tired to wander far, and he was yawning every few minutes when he was  on watch on the wall.  He gave up the effort and sat by me and even did some biscuits and curled up under my chin on the couch, purring.

I like the color of the sky in this picture of Calla.  The last few days she has switched away from the underside of the table in the corner to on top of it, and now onto the cat tree right in the middle of the action.

Look Left Calla

I like have her out where I can see her, and pet her.


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3 Responses to 750

  1. Julie, see what staying out all night partying will get you? Silly boy! But the cuddly stuff is nice I’m sure!
    I love the way Calla’s bib hangs over the cat tree in the sky picture, sooo long and pretty! Glad she’s out in the petting zone too!


  2. kimkiminy says:

    Love those eyes.
    Gracie hasn’t been seen today since we let her out this morning. Out of her routine. Keep your fingers crossed for us that she’s just out galavanting like Julie was.


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