Two Years of ThreeCatYard

Two years ago today I finally went and signed into WordPress and created this blog.  I can’t say there was any earth-shaking reason for it…in fact, I wanted the blog to be about almost nothing at all.  Having been a blog reader for years prior, I was getting a bit tired of some of the sound and fury generated on the places I was spending time.  I wanted a quiet corner of my own.

I’d already made some changes in the flow of things around here the year before when I got out of the two cat habit by adopting Calpurnia in February 2010.  I had started taking quite a few pictures to send out but that tapered off quite a bit, especially during the “Feliway Crisis” Drama of the last half of the year.

I thought that having a blog to post in would keep me taking pictures more regularly, instead of waiting for a special occasion that never seemed to come up.

I did some quick research on platforms and selected WordPress over some of the other options.  I think the overall look is pretty polished on WP without needing to go into a lot of effort, and while the population isn’t as large as, say Blogger, it isn’t a tiny one either.

Well, it went as planned.  I have kept on writing, and taking pictures, and spend more of my internet time on a lot more congenial places.  And if anyone wants to come to my yard, they are welcome.

The First Year

I went through some of my picture archives and grabbed some sample shots from the years.  It’s not quite a ‘best of’, although the shot above of Calla coming through the fence is one of my favorite pictures of her, and was posted in the first few posts.

The picture itself was taken before the blog started, though.

So I skimmed through the archives from the start of the blog year looking at pictures to get one nice one of each cat.  I don’t know if you have noticed it, but the ‘three picture post’ is a pretty common pattern I have fallen into.  I can usually find three pictures from a day’s shots, and make a story from it.  It’s even better if it is one for each cat.

The full archives are scattered all over a few computers and disks.  One of those chores I have not been getting to is to make a single area that has one copy of all the pictures I have  on the network so I can do a better search for things.

One of the other chores is to replace all of the pictures with reduced size ones that have the  little stamp in the corner to save space and not overflow the free disk space until I have to. This picture of Gus hasn’t been re-sized yet.  All the new pictures since about a year ago are small-sized from the start.

The Second Year 

Moving along to last year, here’s a silly shot of Calla – HYPNO-CALLA.

This picture didn’t even get into the blog the first go-around, although others that day did.  I love the color of the sky behind him.  He’s on the back wall, of course.

And finally a nice look at Gus from August, I think.  We all would like for the weather to warm up enough to get the back yard open for more use.  The plateau we are on makes temperatures dip strongly when the sun gets low in the sky, so when the mid-day isn’t hot the evenings are quite cool.

Third Year?

We’ll be here, barring disaster.  I do appreciate all those who stop by, or put up likes on posts, or comment on them.  I like watching the numbers tick up and have little internal contests about how many hits in a month or from what country they arrive.  I hardly thought that I would have 38,500 visitors or 180 subscribers.  But the yard is big enough for all of them, and us too.

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8 Responses to Two Years of ThreeCatYard

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Glad to be a part of your quiet little corner.


  2. Happy Blogoversary! We’re so glad you’re around, and we LOVE your peaceful corner of the world!


  3. Jo Woolf says:

    I’m glad to have found your blog – must be at least a year ago now. Great photos here – I really love the pic of Calpurnia squishing her fluffiness through that gate. Looks impossible!


  4. Happy Bloggaversay! 2 years, that’s quite an accomplishment. Love the look back in history with the photos. That one of Calla coming through the gate is gorgeous and I had a good laugh at the next one of her 🙂


  5. Laura says:

    Happy Bloggiversary! I also feel strangely compelled to tell you to go give Calla some treats.


  6. Happy Blogoversary! We always love seeing pictures of your beautiful cats.


  7. Anne Daigle says:

    I look forward to visiting your yard every day.


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