Chilly Chili Day

Julius on the Watch

It was overcast and cool today so not even the cats wanted to go outside for long.  Julie was content to stand vigil on his wall for just a little while for show and then come inside and nap.

Bright Eyes Calla

I finally got around to making some chili.  I had bought some of the ingredients a long time ago and never used them, and they have been cluttering up the freezer.  I looked at a recipe or two and then just winged it.

I often buy things on enthusiasm at the store or on the web, but then am reluctant to just throw them out.  I used this opportunity to use a few of them…a way too large container of pepper salsa that I wasn’t keen on plain, some brown mustard seed that will attempt to use the mountain of seed that I got from Amazon to refill my spice jar.  (I didn’t look at the quantities closely and got three bags each of which can refill the jar about nine times over).

I had most of a can of chile in adobo sauce in the freezer and threw that in, some aging frozen onion, quite a bit of some really hot “Swazi Fire Sauce” I got on the web, some beef gelatin powder to see if it would thicken things up (it did), some other spices and things from the cupboard, more pepper than I wanted because the lid came open over the pot….and 4 pounds of cooked ground beef.  The adobo chiles looked kinda big, so I grabbed an immersion mixer and chopped them up, which thickened things up too.

Oh, and don’t lift the blender to the top when it is on…

Floppy Calla

Calla wonders what the hell kind of recipe is that?

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus used to say “You never step in the same river twice”.  I never make the same chili twice, for good or for ill.  This one ended up pretty good, but quite a bit hotter than I usually make it.

When I packed the rest up into about a dozen bowls for freezing, the last bit went into the bowl and it seemed less fiery.  Either it cooked down some, or the hot stuff was at the top of the pot.  Still good, though.

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5 Responses to Chilly Chili Day

  1. Wow, that looks like a hot chili! I don’t like chili, mostly because of the beans (and I know real chili doesn’t have beans but around here everyone puts them in, ugh) but I decided on a whim to make some for a chili cook off last year. I found about a dozen recipes, took the hottest stuff out of each and made a beanless hot chili. I won. I was floored! lol! Gave the left overs to my dad, he ate it with a towel over his head because it made him sweat so much!
    Calla looks like she’s still doing ‘adorable girl’ from yesterday! Such a sweetie! Julie made his appearance, that’s all it takes, MOL


    • Oldcat says:

      In Cincinnati Chili there’s no beans, they are added on later if you get a 4 or 5 way Chili Spaghetti. I forget now which ‘way’ is the beans…Chili + Sphaghetti + Cheese + Beans + Raw Onion. Of course Cinci Chili isn’t hot at all and is great on Coneys (hot dog).

      Mine wasn’t quite that bad, but the fire sauce I put in might be as hot as your chili…The hotter bowl did make me sniffle some. But I’m not one of those ‘burn or bust’ types with the spicy stuff. I like flavor over just pain.


  2. And why is it when you make chili, you always end up with a VAT of it?


    • Oldcat says:

      Well in my case, even a normal recipe is a lot of meals since there’s only me here. Cans of stuff you add only come in relatively big sizes, and so does the pot. And if you need to correct for a mistake, you add stuff to do so.

      Big pots are also forgiving if you get distracted.


  3. Rayya says:

    I agree, you can never really reproduce a recipe exactly the same each time. I may embark on your chilli recipe as my hubby lots it esp if it is HOT. 🙂


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