Delegation of Responsibility

Julie was outside this morning, but instead of watching on the wall he apparently sublet the job to another.  He probably has better all-around vision.  The zoom on the SZ let me get in tight on him all the way from inside the back doorway.

And the circle of life in the new box is now complete…Gus has had a turn of his own in it.

This morning I was working upstairs near the pole platform tree. I opened up a window there and Calla was sitting on a box peeking out at the birds in the front yard below.  I enticed her onto the platforms with some treats and then Julie came and sat on her box top.

I did get all of them to eat treats of the platforms.  It is a start.

There was one incident while I was working on the computer…Gus apparently tried to bite Julie and he resented it enough to bowl him over.  He then went to the box top to let off steam while Gus wondered what had hit him.

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1 Response to Delegation of Responsibility

  1. Wow, that guy better not say on that wall or he’s gonna wind up being Julie’s lunch! I’m so glad Gus got a turn in the box! Poor thing, wonder why Julie objected to being bitten.. silly thing.


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