House of Cards

Today as I was pulling out of the garage I almost ran into a work crew deploying to do some work on my roof.  Someone in the Association apparently saw some leakage on part of the roof onto the stucco walls and they were there to fix it.  I’m sure the cats were a bit nonplussed over the tromping out there.

I thought my goofing with the Green Box would be the end of it, as the other boxes haven’t been to popular, but after dinner I was surprised to see Calla parked inside on her own.

While I was trying to get a good shot something – or someone – got too close…

It was Julius, rubbing his cheek on the back corner of the box.  She gave him a smack, or tried to, and he backed off a little.  But he didn’t go away either.

Soon she could take it no more and left her house for greener pastures.  In this case, the new green flat box that she is sleeping in right now.

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2 Responses to House of Cards

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely! The look she’s giving him in the last pic is priceless! I bet he didn’t care a bit.


  2. Well, good for Julie holding his ground, but poor Calla.
    Bet the kitties thought there were some seriously GIANT squirrels on the roof! The ones who run on our roof sound like they have lead shoes on.


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