Put Fear Aside

After Calla’s big adventure, whether duck hunting or hot tub exploring, she was content to just go inside for the evening and relax.

But we left Julius seemingly afraid to venture out past the porch, even when I was chasing Calla through the pool enclosure.

Gus had gone out to explore in the bushes some distance, but when Calla and I came tromping toward him he retreated to the porch himself.  Just in case.

Finally Julie got up some gumption and jumped down into the front lawn area.  I even got a little movie of him there, and he was finally more like himself out there – rolling around like a silly fellow instead of on the alert.

Gus was waiting for us when we came back to the door.  He loves going out the front, but he is content to only go a short distance at most, and usually the front path is good enough.


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3 Responses to Put Fear Aside

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Love the last pic of Gus!


  2. Glad Julie finally got somewhat over his fears! But where’s the movie?? Not fair to tease then not show! MOL


  3. Oldcat says:

    I need to get to editing and processing some of the ones that have been accumulating…


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