Hot Town, Cool Tricks

Hot Day Gus

It was quite the scorcher today, almost for the first time all year.  The house doesn’t get that steamy because of the thick walls and stucco, but it is getting a bit stuffy by the time I get home.

I then open things up and turn on a fan which combined with the nightly sea breezes brings the temperatures down from the upper 90s to the mid 70s.  The relatively high altitude makes the temperature drop fast as the sun starts to go down.

I didn’t get a chance to make up any cat films of my own, so instead here are some clips of a cat and her trainer…Suki from the Czech Republic, I think.  I saw the last video first and looked back for older films of her work.

Suki is three months old…that takes skill to keep a little kitten’s attention like that.

Paper Wad Calla

Calla prefers the hard floor to the carpet, and this is under a window.

More Suki adventures…just what are those poles for?

Now we see…it is for the slalom.

I really like this one…catchy song plus Suki is hitting those poles perfectly.

Cool Breeze Gus

Cool Breeze and Catnip Pillow…

This is the more famous Suki video that I saw first, with the agility and some other tricks.

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1 Response to Hot Town, Cool Tricks

  1. Wow, I can’t imagine the time it takes to train a kitten like that!
    Your kitties don’t seem to need any training to find the cool spots!


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