Much Like Another

This evening was much like the last one, although the door didn’t pop open on its own today.  The cats took a turn out back while the sun set outside, Calla was disturbed in her slumbers outside by the aggressively loud chirps of a drab brown bird sitting on the back wall.

Her mews to me on coming in seemed to indicate how unfair this annoying bird was being to her by driving her inside.

Gus hasn’t done more than take a stroll out back, but he likes to sleep in one of the beds right near an open window or the open door to catch the evening breezes.

Today at least, Calla was a lot less skittery when I joined her outside and stayed put.  Progress!

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4 Responses to Much Like Another

  1. Progress is good but how funny that a bird should chase a cat inside 🙂


  2. Mean ol’ bird chasing poor sweet Calla inside.. Come on Julie, show him who’s the boss of the yard! And that he cant bully your sorta-friend!
    Is Gus feeling ok? Or does he usually prefer to stay inside?


    • Oldcat says:

      Gus is doing fine. He usually takes a turn outside for a few minutes after the door opens, sometimes to go to the bathroom under a bush. If I am out there he usually finds his way out for a bit, but he doesn’t hang out outside as much as the other two.

      Both times the angry bird has shown up Julie was out wandering. Of course, he is spooked by loud birds too, all three cats are.


  3. Those paws make your heart melt x


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