Weeks End

Pretty Girl

The assaults of the angry birds continued today.  Gus responded by putting a room between him and the door to the outside, sprawling out on the kitchen floor.  Calla was more brave, but did retire in when the chirps got too annoying.

For a change, Julius was around, but any hope that he would take a strong line on the bird issue was lost when he slunk inside himself until he went away.

Big Teeth Julie

While not the best picture, any view of the fangs is worth seeing.  Also note the crazy whiskers.

Tidy Girl Calla

After nightfall and time for everyone to come inside, Calla took the chance to clean up.


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4 Responses to Weeks End

  1. Yow, show those fangs to the birds, Julie, that’ll stop them tweeting at you guys!


  2. Fangs like Oscar 🙂


  3. Anne Daigle says:

    When he was in 7th grade, my son brought home a stray calico who after a few weeks had her litter. Once the kittens were about 4 weeks old, Mamma Cat walks home from across the street carrying a huge dead rat which she slings down for the kittens. They ate it all except the tail which they played with for days. Needless to say she was our hunter cat and so were all those kittens. Birds never dive bombed her–if they did all that was left of them were feathers on the driveway.


    • Oldcat says:

      Well the chirpers don’t divebomb – they seem to rely on the piercing loudness of the chirps like little sirens to annoy the cats. They really could just forget it. none of mine show much interest in birds outside of avoiding the loud ones.

      Even Julie never had that kind of training in hunting and such. It is all instinct, but he only rarely seems interested in the eating part of hunting. Of course, he’s not that much interested in eating anything. Even the vets can’t nag about his weight, they say it is perfect.


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