Walkabout II

Over the last week I spent some time looking over the route of the walk I took last week.  I even discovered a way to look at the location update plots that the phone does every few minutes which gave a crude map of the route – aside from the times it got the position wrong by 5 miles or so.  So I downloaded a new app that updates more often and used that one.  This time I took the loop trail the other way around and did the whole circuit.  Total distance was 9 to 9 and a half miles (for some reason there is a gap in the track, and I’m not sure if that distance is measured or not).  The elevation change was 830 feet to 1320 feet, and the total climbs were 12oo+ feet.  This area is very tilty.

I did see a rattler, or probably one.  His nose was at the entrance of his burrow and he jerked back in as I came closer.  There seems to be some local bird that takes nuts or fruit and drops them from great height onto rocks or the trail, as I saw quite a few spattered things that were not under trees.  I did see a second roadrunner, this one was on a rock next to a small tree where about 5 other smaller birds were sitting in the shade.

I like the way Calla is perched on this small bit of cardboard like it is a liferaft.  It reminds me of that scene in Cameron’s Titanic….

“Jack” – I just rested my eyes for a second and she pries my fingers right off the board.  “Never Let Go”, my left thumb!

Julie likes the long grass out back – it gives him something to cough up when he comes back inside.

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1 Response to Walkabout II

  1. If Calla’s on a raft, she’s using that back foot to steer!
    The best part of grass is tossing it up in strategic locations!
    Seriously, that line should have been in the movie! lol!


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