More From the Yard

At this time the two of them were transfixed watching a neighbor approaching the mailboxes halfway down the block with a big dog.  I’m not sure if the dog or the neighbor was the more disturbing element.

But first, a quick sniff at the bush.  But no need to turn your body or move your feet when your body is made of rubber like his!

And the first place to get the lie of the land is here at the base of the tree in his little yard. He can see up the street as far as he cares to, the door back in is to the front of the picture, the back yard and pool is off to the left, and there’s always some adventure in the RV area to the back of the shot.

And if none of that is suitable, the grass is good for sitting in.

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3 Responses to More From the Yard

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Our cats seem to react the same to people walking by as to people with dogs, so it must have been the neighbor. Calla’s “Whoa!” pose is adorable here.


  2. Julie is a tigger? His top is made of rubber, his bottom is made of spring???


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