Calla isn’t mad, just so disappointed…

Shouldn’t someone be picking up these leaves?

Jeez, there’s more over there.  Messy, Messy.

There was a graduation party next door when I got back from a walk so the cats were pretty subdued today.

Today’s walk was in a new direction – instead of going east, away from home I took a turn west along the ridge line between the two valleys.  Got up to 1500 feet.  It then bent down overlooking a lake that you can never see because it is above all the roads.  After a while wandering from hill to hill it eventually pops out on the road I take to the top of the hill, but  halfway down the other side.   So it avoids me having to take the same route out and back for most of the way at least.  I don’t like repeating myself if I can avoid it, which I often can’t do, given how limited the road connections between the developments are.

It is pretty cool how you can cross a fold in the land and suddenly feel like you are far away from everything and off in the wild.  Then you cross another and there’s a subdivision or a highway spread out below like a model.

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7 Responses to Perfectionist

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Miss Calla has high standards.


  2. lfrazer says:

    Calla is an exceptionally beautiful feline. I melt every time my blue-eyed Annabelle catches my eye.


  3. choconutmeg says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful!


  4. kimkiminy says:

    Shouldn’t a kitty be PLAYING with those leaves?


  5. There’s something so pretty about her walking on those stones!


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